About Us

1. We are passionate about  
Different ways of doing things  
We are bucking the trend, focusing on sustainability and efficiency to advance the interests of our customers, our employees, our shareholders, communities and the world.  
2. Fair pay  
All of our workers earn fair wages, and our new hires make an average of $20 an hour.  Garment workers in our factories are experts in their fields and can earn productivity bonuses of up to $35 per hour in a safe and ethical management environment.  
3. Be well-trained  
Our employees work together as families, combining classic production methods with advanced technology and reverse thinking to create high-quality garments that are both sustainable and durable.  Many of our team members have been at Dov for a decade or more.  
4. Promise to create jobs in Belgium.  
We are growing and trying to continue to grow.  We intend to employ thousands of workers in the Belgian region and set an example of how the garment industry can come back to Belgium.  From an efficiency and ethical standpoint, we all believe in local manufacturing.  
5. Vertical integration  
We control our manufacturing from start to finish.  We rarely subcontract, we never use any offshoring.  This ensures our quality and sets our standards.  This is our commitment to our customers.  
6. Sustainability  
We continue to lead the development of ethical production practices, with nearly 100% of our production and transportation by-products being recycled -- including our waste fabrics, paper, boxes, plastics and everything used to make clothing.  We are always developing new products, using our surplus fabrics and scraps to make one-of-a-kind limited edition pieces, and finding new ways to upgrade and recycle damaged or outdated clothing.  California has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the dyeing industry.  By dyeing and finishing all of our textiles or apparel in California, you can be sure that our fabric processing is environmentally friendly.  
9. Quality basis  
We are committed to eliminating fast fashion trends in the industry and instead focus on producing high-quality pieces that you can use for years and play a versatile role in your wardrobe.  We develop products with comfort, function, durability and sustainability as key concepts, incorporating timeless and relaxed pieces into your daily life.  
10. We support free trade  
We believe we can create value for our customers in a global competition while remaining true to our commitment to sustainability and efficiency.  We want to sell our products all over the world and we understand the importance of other countries entering our market.